Author(s): Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Sandip Prasad Tiwari, Deepa Biswas, Yogesh Patel, Harsurbhai M. Jajda, Gaurav S. Dave

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DOI: 10.52711/0974-360X.2023.00325   

Address: Abhishek Kumar Pandey1*, Sandip Prasad Tiwari2, Deepa Biswas3, Yogesh Patel4, Harsurbhai M. Jajda5, Gaurav S. Dave6
1,3Department of Botany, Kalinga University, Raipur - 492101, Chhattisgarh, India.
2Faculty of Pharmacy, Kalinga University, Raipur - 492101, Chhattisgarh, India. 4College of Basic Science and Humanities, Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar - 385506, Gujarat, India.
5Aspee Shakilam Biotechnology Institute, Navsari Agricultural University, Surat- 395007, Gujarat, India.
6Pulses Research Station, Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar - 385506, Gujarat, India.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 16,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2023

In India, a wide variety of medicinal plants are reported and utilized by people for the treatment of various diseases for a long time. The present study deals with quantitative analysis of phytochemicals like total phenols, tannins, and flavonoids as well as in-vitro antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of ethanolic extract of Ocimum basilicum L. The values of total phenols, tannins, and flavonoids were found to be 5.02±0.06 µg Gallic acid equivalent/mg, 7.80±0.05 µg Gallic acid equivalent/mg, and 6.00±0.06 µg quercetin equivalent/mg alcoholic extract respectively. The antioxidant activity was measured by DPPH (2, 2-diphenyl-1-picryl-hydrazyl-hydrate) assay. The highest antioxidant activity of plant extract was observed at 60 µg/ml and maximum inhibition was recorded at 55.12%. The IC50 value of plant extract was found to be 24.81 µg/ml. In-vitro anti-inflammatory activity was measured by the human red blood cell (HRBC) membrane stabilization method. The hypo tonicity-induced HRBC were exposed to different concentrations of ethanolic extract of Ocimum basilicum L. and HRBC membrane lysis and membrane stabilization percentages were calculated against diclofenac sodium. The ethanolic extract exhibited significant HRBC membrane stabilization compared to diclofenac sodium; 98±0.57% membrane stabilization was observed at a dose of 1000 µg/ml.

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Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Sandip Prasad Tiwari, Deepa Biswas, Yogesh Patel, Harsurbhai M. Jajda, Gaurav S. Dave. Evaluation of Phytochemicals, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties of leaves of Ocimum basilicum L.. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology 2023; 16(4):1981-6. doi: 10.52711/0974-360X.2023.00325

Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Sandip Prasad Tiwari, Deepa Biswas, Yogesh Patel, Harsurbhai M. Jajda, Gaurav S. Dave. Evaluation of Phytochemicals, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties of leaves of Ocimum basilicum L.. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology 2023; 16(4):1981-6. doi: 10.52711/0974-360X.2023.00325   Available on:

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