Author(s): Varuna Suresh, Thendral Selvam, Amala Reddy


DOI: 10.52711/0974-360X.2022.00410   

Address: Varuna Suresh, Thendral Selvam, Amala Reddy*
Animal Cell Culture Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Tamilnadu, India.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 15,      Issue - 6,     Year - 2022

The effects of Methanolic extract of Costus pictus (CPME) on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced vascular oxidative stress and inflammation in cultured RAW 264.7 macrophages were studied. Treatment of with varying concentration of CPME (1ng to 10µg/ml) did not alter the cell viability indicating that they were not cytotoxic even at the highest concentration tested. CPME showed dose dependent suppression on LPS-induced production of NO with a highest at 10µg/mL. ROS plays a vital role in the reduction of antioxidant potency and increases DNA loss and the underlying reason for many diseases such as cardiovascular, inflammatory, diabetic, neurological, and lipid peroxidation. ROS performs a substantial character in organ injury such as brain and uterus since the uplifted value of ROS is associated with a reduction in the overall antioxidant ability and a notable increase in DNA disruption. In this context, SOD, Peroxidase, GPX and GSH are vital elements of the antioxidant defense system were studied, whose inhibition of this mechanism ends in increased vulnerability to free radical cellular damage. DCF-DA staining substantiated the protective influence of CPME against LPS-induced ROS generation which was confirmed by elevated fluorescence signals in LPS stimulated control unlike the treatment groups. The protective effects were measured using cell viability, a MTT assay and the anti-oxidative activity was determined by measuring reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, oxidative products and endogenous antioxidant enzyme activities proves CPME to be a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant principle containing extract.

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Varuna Suresh, Thendral Selvam, Amala Reddy. Attenuation of Pro-inflammatory and Oxidative free radicals by Methanolic extract of Costus pictus in RAW 264.7 Macrophages. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. 2022; 15(6):2455-8. doi: 10.52711/0974-360X.2022.00410

Varuna Suresh, Thendral Selvam, Amala Reddy. Attenuation of Pro-inflammatory and Oxidative free radicals by Methanolic extract of Costus pictus in RAW 264.7 Macrophages. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. 2022; 15(6):2455-8. doi: 10.52711/0974-360X.2022.00410   Available on:

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