Author(s): Nithyakala P, Sathyaprabha G, Venila J

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DOI: 10.5958/0974-360X.2021.00276.6   

Address: Nithyakala P1, Sathyaprabha G2, Venila J3
1KMCH College of Pharmacy, Kovai Estate, Kalapatti Road, Coimbatore - 641048, Tamil Nadu, India.
2Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, KMCH College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore.
3Statistician, KMCH College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 14,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2021

Obesity is a serious and growing problem worldwide, contributes greatly to morbidity and mortality. This is a prospective – observational study of the weight loss on the efficacy of topiramate and Ispaghula in obese patients. To test the metabolic effects with hip and waist changes after topiramate and Ispaghula treatment of obesity patients for 6 months. Recent reports exposed the topiramate drug cause weight reduction in different patients in the test group. The drug was more effective in the topiramate group than in the Ispaghula group. Methods: Patient information leaflets were distributed for obese patients. The Patient’s weight, height, and BMI have recorded in 2 weeks intervals. The Study was conducted between 0 to 6 months. The final dose of topiramate 25mg to 50mg/per day and Ispaghula 1.2gm to 3.6gm/per day varied from and respectively. The obesity patients are advised to modify their lifestyle along with diet control and specifically, topiramate was given to group 2 patients. Results: Topiramate was effective in reducing the weight in 29 out of the 30 patients. Among the study population the greater number of the population, comes under the age group of 28-37years (10) - 33.3% in group 1 and it’s similar in case of group 2 where a higher number of population is under the age group of 28-37 years (10)-33.3%. The mean BMI of the group 1 patient during first visit was found to be 33.68 which were reduced to 31.13 during the sixth month. Similarly in the group 2 patients the mean BMI during the first visit was 32.81 which got reduced drastically to 21.37. Conclusion: In our study indicates the rapid emerge of obesity and its associated health issues in urban society peoples because of their improper lifestyle. The result of our study suggests that the topiramate drug is effective in the treatment of the obese patient with a good sum of weight loss. Topiramate could be considered in the treatment of obesity patients. When comparing the average BMI results of Ispaghula and tropiramate, the results were observed that the topiramate drug is more effective to reducing weight in Group 2(test) patients.

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Nithyakala P, Sathyaprabha G, Venila J. Study on Efficacy of Topiramate: Impact on weight Loss in Obese patients. Research J. Pharm. and Tech 2021; 14(3):1565-1570. doi: 10.5958/0974-360X.2021.00276.6

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