Author(s): Vinod Kumar Yadav, Balamuralidhara V, Hemanth Kumar S


DOI: 10.5958/0974-360X.2020.00469.2   

Address: Vinod Kumar Yadav, Balamuralidhara V*, Hemanth Kumar S
Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mysuru - 570015, Karnataka, India.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 13,      Issue - 6,     Year - 2020

The aim of the present study is to improve the dissolution rate and developed Itraconazole solid powder. Cotton seed oil, tween 80 and transcutol were selected as key ingredients to formulated self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system. Ternary phase diagrams were constructed, several formulations were designed. These formulations were characterized and evaluated for parameters such as thermodynamic stability, emulsifying rate, robustness to dilution and pH effects, globules size, zeta potential, in vitro study etc. The optimized formulation has globules size of 141.20±0.69 nm, pdi 0.29±0.04, zeta potential 11.2±0.69 mV and fast dissolution as within 30 min with more than 90 % drug released. Further cytotoxicity studies of optimized formulation revealed safe formulation. Using neusilin US2 as solid adsorbent method to transformed the optimized formulation into powder form. It was further characterized and evaluated and the obtained results are acceptable. In vitro drug released of solid self-nanoemulsifying formulation and liquid self-nanoemulsifying formulation has almost similar. Thus, can conclude that implementation of solid approach of this strategy could be considered as alternative approach.

Cite this article:
Vinod Kumar Yadav, Balamuralidhara V, Hemanth Kumar S. Design, Development and Evaluation of Solid Form of Liquid Self-Nanoemulsifying Formulation for improving the Oral Bioavailability of Itraconazole. Research J. Pharm. and Tech 2020; 13(6):2639-2646. doi: 10.5958/0974-360X.2020.00469.2

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