Author(s): Abdulmahdi A. Hasan


DOI: 10.5958/0974-360X.2017.00698.9   

Address: Abdulmahdi A. Hasan
Assistant Professor, Pediatric and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, College of Nursing, University of Babylon
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 10,      Issue - 11,     Year - 2017

The patients with depression and suicide among young with generator psychological stress resulting from the symptoms of the disease that affect his life .Descriptive study used (50) patient brood, randomly selected, and the data collected during the interview with the disease, by demographic data included a questionnaire and an elaborate global survey, data were analyzed by statistical methods, which included frequencies, percentage apply. The purpose of the study was to evaluate depression and suicide in to adolescences. Find recommend paying attention to the psychological state of adolescences. Aims of the study: 1. To identify patients demographical data. 2. To assessment of depression and suicide in adolescence 3. To address and over the pressure negative consequences Methodology: Descriptive design study use to depression and suicide into adolescent. This study descriptive study way carried out in the Morgan Medical City during (18/7/2016) to (12/9/2016). Purposeful sample of (50) adolescences patient. The study was proved by the committed in the Rehabilitation Health Center. The descriptive statistical we used in order to analyzed the results of the study. Results: The result of this study concluded that: Depression was higher level in study than other studies, higher prevalence of depression in adolescences patients with age between (17-18) years (46%). Recommendations: Through the final result show that the study, recommends the following. 1. Need to work on early detection of depressive symptoms to adolescences so that emphasizes studies that the negligence of the diagnostic process symptoms in this age group leads to insanity and suicide? 2. To involve young people as possible of cultural experiences and Benefit from their expertise .since this leads to self-promote as well As reduce the decreases of pessimism and isolation have .this would Alleviate the depressive symptoms. 3. Attention to psychosocial and social support for young people, by creating a state of confidence as well as through the establishment of altrohed and programs that reduce the cases of grief and depression symptoms. 4. Work on understanding explain of emotions and its problems ,difficulties experienced, discuss the reasons and fears concerned ,confusion and help him his administration at all level.

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. Knowledge of Adolescent (12 -18) Years into Depression and suicide in Rehabilitation Health Center in Babylon Government. Research J. Pharm. and Tech 2017; 10(11): 3852-3856. doi: 10.5958/0974-360X.2017.00698.9

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