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Journal :   Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology

Volume No. :   11

Issue No. :  11

Year :  2018

Pages :   5017-5023

ISSN Print :  0974-3618

ISSN Online :  0974-360X


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In vitro Antioxidant Activity, Total Phenolics and Flavonoids Contents of Gladiolus segetum Extracts

Address:   Salah Eddine Marref*, Naima Benkiki, Mohamed Akram Melakhessou
Laboratoire de Biotechnologie des Molécules Bioactives et de la Physiopathologie Cellu¬laire. Faculté des sciences de la nature et de la vie, Département de biologie des organismes, Université de Batna-2, 05000, Algérie.
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/0974-360X.2018.00915.0

Objective: To investigate the antioxidant activity of extracts of aerial parts of Gladiolus segetum and determination of their total phenolics and flavonoids content. Material and methods: A detailed study was performed on the antioxidant activity of the extracts of Gladiolus Segetum (GS) by employing established in vitro systems using DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging capacity, the ß-carotene-linoleic acid assay, CUPRAC, ferric reducing antioxidant potential (FRAP) and metal chelation. Total phenolic content was determined by the Folin-Ciocalteu method and flavonoids was also determined by the trichloroaluminum method. Results: The total phenolic contents (TPC) (64, 96±1,08 mg GAE/g extract) of methanol extract of GS while total flavonoid contents (TFC) (39,79±2,36 mg QE/g extract) were found significantly higher as compared to other extracts. The EC50 values of methanol extract of GS based on the DPPH (118,29±0,64µg/ml), ABTS (23,76±2,02 µg/ml), ß-carotene (29,67±1,99 µg/ml), CUPRAC (47,34±4,50 µg/ml), FRAP (55,34±0,69 µg/ml) and metal chelation (40,80±1,71 µg/ml) were generally lower showing potential antioxidant properties. Conclusion: Methanolic extract of GS showed the highest phenolic and flavonoid concentrations and strong antioxidant activity. The Gladiolus segetum can be regarded as promising candidates for natural plant sources of antioxidants with high value.
Antioxidant, Gladiolus segetum, extracts, Phenolics and flavonoids.
Salah Eddine Marref, Naima Benkiki, Mohamed Akram Melakhessou. In vitro Antioxidant Activity, Total Phenolics and Flavonoids Contents of Gladiolus segetum Extracts. Research J. Pharm. and Tech 2018; 11(11): 5017-5023.
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