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Journal :   Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology

Volume No. :   8

Issue No. :  8

Year :  2015

Pages :   1109-1115

ISSN Print :  0974-3618

ISSN Online :  0974-360X


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Snoring in people having Respiratory Disease

Address:   Gayathri. M.
Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, 162, PH Road, Chennai - 600077.
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/0974-360X.2015.00194.8

Aim: To compare the prevalence of respiratory disease like asthma, cold, wheezing etc among males who snore and in normal males. Objective: To conduct a survey to find the incidence of respiratory disease among males having the habit of snoring and normal males. Materials and methods: A survey is planned with two groups: (1) 100 healthy males who do not snore (2)100 males having the problem of snoring. Questions on the presence and symptoms of respiratory disease like asthma, wheezing will be asked in the questionnaire. Background: Snoring happens when air cannot move freely through the nose and mouth during sleep. Snoring is often caused by the narrowing of upper airway, either from poor sleep posture or respiratory disease which may lead to abnormalities of the soft tissues in the throat. It may lead to thickening of walls of the airways and increased mucus production. This may lead to a narrow passage. A narrow upper airway gets in the way of smooth breathing and creates the sound of snoring. Habitual snorers can be at risk for serious health problems, including obstructive sleep apnea. Prolonged suffering from obstructive sleep apnea often results in higher blood pressure and may cause enlargement of the heart, with higher risks of heart attack and stroke. Reason: Respiratory diseases influence the air passage hence there can be a increased occurrence of snoring among these group.
Snoring, Respiratory Diseases, Sleep, Obesity, Allergy.
Gayathri. M. Snoring in people having Respiratory Disease. Research J. Pharm. and Tech. 8(8): August, 2015; Page 1109-1115.
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