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Journal :   Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology

Volume No. :   8

Issue No. :  6

Year :  2015

Pages :   767-771

ISSN Print :  0974-3618

ISSN Online :  0974-360X


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Treatment of Diabetes Insipidus

Address:   Deepika. V, Harsha. L, Aishwarya Ravishankar
Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, Poonnamallae High Road, Chennai 600 077.
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/0974-360X.2015.00123.7

Diabetes insipidus is an uncommon disorder characterised by polyphagia, polydipsia, polyuria. DI caused by a lack of ADH is called central diabetes insipidus. When DI is caused by a failure of the kidneys to respond to ADH, the condition is called nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.ADH preparations are used in treating central diabetes insipidus. Desmopressin, a synthetic analog of vasopressin helps in the treatement of diabetes insipidus. Nephrogenic insipidus is treated by correcting hypokalemia and hypercalcemia and by discontinuing any drugs that may be causing it. Thiazide diuretics are also used.
Polyphagia , polydipsia, polyuria, ADH, central DI , nephrogenic DI, desmopressin.
Deepika. V, Harsha. L, Aishwarya Ravishankar. Treatment of Diabetes Insipidus. Research J. Pharm. and Tech. 8(6): June, 2015; Page 767-771.
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