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Journal :   Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology

Volume No. :   5

Issue No. :  8

Year :  2012

Pages :   1130-1138

ISSN Print :  0974-3618

ISSN Online :  0974-360X


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Aceclofenac Loaded Vesicles: A Comparative Study between Various Vesicular Systems

Address:   N. Madoria 1*, M. Pathodiya1, A. Tiwari2
1Institute of pharmacy, Vikram University, Ujjain (M.P.), 456001 India
2Institute of Pharmacy, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi (U.P.), 284001 India
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: Not Available

The aim of the current study was to formulate and evaluate the transdermal delivery of novel vesicular carriers: ethosomes, transfersomes, niosomes and liposomes bearing aceclofenac, an NSAID, highly lipophilic agent. Aceclofenac loaded vesicles were prepared, optimized and characterized for vesicular shape and surface morphology, vesicular size, entrapment efficiency, Deformability index, stability and in vitro rat skin permeation. Ethosomal systems were much more efficient at delivering aceclofenac to the skin, than any other vesicular systems. The ethosomal system dramatically enhanced the skin permeation of aceclofenac in vitro compared with other vesicular systems of aceclofenac. Skin permeation of ethosomes, transfersomes, niosomes and liposomes were demonstrated in diffusion-cell experiments. Ethosomal systems composed of phosphatidylcholine 2%, ethanol 30% and water were shown by electron microscopy to contain multilamellar vesicles, showing the greatest entrapment (69.23±1.9%) and optimal nanometric size range (223±16 nm). Stability profile of prepared vesicular systems assessed for 90 days, ethosomes revealed very low drug lost (3.38±1.54%). Aceclofenac loaded ethosomal carriers also provided an enhanced transdermal flux of 49.78±1.25 µg/cm2/h across rat skin in comparison with other vesicular systems. Our results suggest that ethosomes are an efficient carrier for enhanced skin permeation of Aceclofenac.
Aceclofenac, ethosomes, transfersomes, liposomes, niosomes.
N. Madoria, M. Pathodiya, A. Tiwari. Aceclofenac Loaded Vesicles: A Comparative Study between Various Vesicular Systems. Research J. Pharm. and Tech. 5(8): August 2012; Page 1130-1138.
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